GS 1220 Weber carburrettor service/overhaul in Melb?
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    Default GS 1220 Weber carburrettor service/overhaul in Melb?

    Whilst the GS Break "VB" averaged a bit over 31mpg coming home from Sydney in June, like many GSs (?) it's not the happiest campers when cold. So Leconte and I thought we'd shout it to a rebuilt Carby (it's got a Weber)


    Thornbury Carburettors are close by and their website reads well.

    Any AFers with first hand experience or other Melb recs? Interstate is out as we'll take the whole car in.

    Thanks John

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    I take it you've already checked that the heat pipes and the hot box under the carby are leak-free?

    In a GS, your mpg would be entirely dependent upon driving style . I used to get 29mpg on the 900km Friday night dash on country roads back to the capital, but have also been known to get 40mpg on a more leisurely country run.
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