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    Default Odd bearing

    Delving around in the depths of Alphonse the Slough 2CV, I've come across a New Old Stock bearing, still wrapped in greaseproof and in the original box.

    I suspect it's a replacement gearbox bearing of some sort, presumably for a 2CV.

    Part number is "LDJ35K" made by Ransome & Marles of the UK.

    From what I've found out so far this means is a "Light double journal" bearing.

    Dimensions (approx, I don't want to unwrap it yet) are"

    OD 71mm or 2 3/4"

    ID 35mm or 1 3/8"

    Width 26mm or near enough to 1"

    I'm guessing a gearbox output bearing.


    Anyone able to shed more light on this?

    Cheers, Pottsy

    Odd bearing-r-m-bearing.jpg
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    Not output but diff bearing. 2cv diff bearings are 35 x 72 x 17.

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