RIP Keith Wadley, West Tamar, Tasmania
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    Default RIP Keith Wadley, West Tamar, Tasmania

    Dad passed away on the 25th of October, aged 77. Dad got his first ID (used) in about 1968, his motto was "never pay for something you can do yourself", so he got hold of the blue manual & taught himself how to keep the car on the road. He made all his own tools, all of which I believe ended up with the Citroen Car Club of Tas. He also had a Safari, ( twice). Mum's car was a 70s DS, my brother played with GS's, & I had a CX. He lived 25 years at Rosevears Drive, and looked after not only the family cars but many other Citroens from light 15s to CXs. He retired from Citroen repairs 12 years ago when he left Rosevears Drive, despite that the odd Citroen still turned up the farm. Having left school at year 8, his only formal qualification was silver smithing, despite that he built fibreglass bodies for MGs in the 50s, worked on the GSM Delta in the UK, rebuilt a Bolwell Nagari, for his father (with a hot tuned Peugeot motor), built his home at Rosevears, worked on what has been billed as one of the world's first and the largest animatronic T Rex, he was still working (cleaning the shed) a few days before he died.
    Most likely he was only known to Tas members, & not all of those, but for me it's a passing of a legend.


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    Sounds like a man I would have liked a lot. Sympathy and Condolences from a fellow frogger........... kind regards to the family............ Pugs

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    my condolences though I had never met your father reading your tribute made me think of my own father and how I will miss him when he dies... your words said a lot about the man
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    My condolences to you and the rest of your family. Sounds like a life well lived leaving a legacy of treasured memories. It doesn't get much better than that.


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