Our Citroens past - reflections
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    Icon6 Our Citroens past - reflections

    We had a thread a while back with some great images and stories of cars we had owned, I can't find it - perhaps lost in the great AF crash?

    A friend of mine came across a few pics of cars I'd owned in my past, a couple with stories attached that I thought worthy of sharing. Maybe we can get this history up and running again a share a few memories...

    These pics are of one of the first Citroens I had owned, a '67 Safari, despite it's appearance it really was one of the best cars I have ever had. Mechanically in tip top condition and just had the best ID ride. Loved the Safaris(plural of Safari?) and when the car on the trailer was spotted in a car yard on Lutwyche road I couldn't resist.

    My '67 Safari Sterling Motors Wynnum

    The caryard was owned by Brisbane personality Blair Shepherd, Blair was well know for his speedway racing at the Brisbane Exhibition grounds, The caryard must have been a venture to help support his passion for racing.

    How or why the Safari was bought and ended up in Blair's caryard is a mystery. The poor thing was used as a shuttle bus for Plantation Village on Bramston Beach just south of Cairns.

    A friend helping me pick up the Platation Village Safari.

    My plans to get it back on the road were foiled and probably my first education into how badly rust can destroy a car. Arthur Lewis bought it from me and sadly it was broken for parts.

    Spot the Dog
    Another great car, just a great drive and so reliable. This one had a small fire under the bonnet (don't ask), it ended up with a nice black spot in the middle of the bonnet. Easy solution was to paint black spots onto all the panels


    The dog was my best friend at the time with personality to spare, quite happy to pose for a friend's College assignment.

    I'll have to dig through my old prints and scan a few more. Please add to the history here with your own stories and images

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Our Citroens past - reflections-blair-shepherd.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-cit-id-chris-wagon.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-cit-id-chris-wagons.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-cit-id-chris-wagons1.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-dalmatian-cabrio.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-damatian-id-2.jpg  

    Our Citroens past - reflections-damatian-id-3.jpg   Our Citroens past - reflections-damatian-id.jpg  
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    Our Citroens past - reflections-150082_450343340806_538205806_6007112_4721870_n.jpg

    I bought this car in 2000. My first car and my first CitroŽn. Was known to DS Motors as the White Swan. A lady had it since the late 1980s. Came with a folder with hundreds of reciepts done over the years which was why I bought it. Something my dad always said was, "never buy a car without logbooks!" The DSpťcial never failed me aside from the odd blown sphere and tyre. The dreaded tin worm ran through its body which is why I should never ever look at a car for sale at night-time. I was naive and the seller was out to make a quick buck before I could think about deciding, my wallet was drained! Turned out he was a used car salesman working out of his house on the Gold Coast.

    I'd spent months looking at various D's and GSs - very few were around. I oddly passed on a white 1969 DS 21 Pallas BVH carby for $2500 which was crudely repainted and had the wrong seats and a DS 23 motor thrown in by Arthur Lewis. I do believe this car now lives in Tasmania. I wanted a runner!

    Within three months, I bought a '76 1220 GS Club wagon from Maleny and then the CitroŽn addiction started to take course. Everything my dad warned me about started to come true. He was told at a club meeting that "having a Cit is like being in a religion." As a confirmed atheist, this put him off straight away and he sold his CX soon after. I remember that day in 1985 like it was yesterday. He had CXs and a DSpecial through the early 80s and it was as a youngin that I'd decided I too wanted them. 12yrs on, I'm still praying at the church of the chevrons!

    To cut a long story short, I sold it to Dogboy and I think the car ended up in Newcastle if my memory's correct.
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