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Thread: SM running report

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    Sounds like the car likes you. It has told you it has a problem maybe with a head gasket but will continue to work for a while. Now the clutch, but it will work for a little while for you, if you treat her right, and give you time to organise parts etc. Then when you have to do the clutch, pull the engine out and it will be much easier to do the heads, timing chains etc. Probably cost less into the bargain although there is the danger that 'while we are here.....' expenses might come up. If they do I would counsel to do them as in the long run you will end up with a more reliable car. I did the same to the CX and have not regretted it.

    I have passed a green SM on the way to work, every day for a few weeks. Of course I am in the Prius, which is sad. I have been driving the CX to work the this week and of course no sign of the SM. Beautiful cars in every way, Opron was a genius


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    A little clicking and snapping from the air conditioning belt? Touch the running belt with a bar of soap and it will run quiet for a spell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deesse View Post
    It's never too late Donnie and the more info and stuff there is to look at the better.
    cheers Tony
    It's certainly worth considering as a great lot of work has been done in the past 18 months under the guidance of John Walton at DS Motors (with parts from Jerry Hathaway at SM World) to further compliment the engine rebuild the C114-1 had prior to purchasing my SM.

    I don't touch a single thing. All I do is top up the fluids and the air in the tyres, wash it religiously and drive it. There's no way I could do a job as well as someone who's worked on SM's for longer than I've been alive. May as well take advantage of the professionals while they're still fit to turn a spanner.

    I'm always envious of those who can successfully do their own work; I simply don't have the time - nor the motor skills in my hands to pull it off all proper-like.

    Tony, your journey has been an interesting one and one I've enjoyed following since you purchased your SM. Keep it coming and keep the beast going!
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    Hi folks,
    Haven't posted here for some time as the SM has been running well.
    The car has continued to give me great pleasure though I only really drive it on Sundays about once or twice a month. This has been mainly on SMOG runs although I do like a solo drive also. It now lives in it's own attached garage which is brilliant and I can see it from my dining room through the glass door to the garage. I have recently swapped it temporarily for a Jaguar 420G which was great (I always liked the big fat jags) and then a 230SL Merc also enjoyable. Both cars were in lovely condition and interesting to drive though the SM is heaps better. I did like driving with the roof down in the SL though I could feel the scrutiny more keenly (effing rich hairdresser!). So thank you to my friend and my SM for making the swaps possible.
    So here has been whats happening with the SM.
    The clutch though needing renewal is still hanging in there and only really slips when accelerating hard from lower revs.
    The engine has been running well until I recently had to start adding coolant. It doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere I can see and since then I have had the system flushed and also some additive added for the leaking head gasket. I haven't had a run yet so will see how it goes. It is also running on 5 cylinders when cruising (not under load) so that will have to be looked at too. I will take it to Lee's next week and maybe we can work out what is causing it.
    I got a new set of tyres for it - Dunlop Sport FM800 205/65 as a set of 5 cost the same as one Michelin XWX. They seem good, though haven't given them a huge workout.
    Replaced the rear spheres with rebuilt ones from Adelaide and they are delicious, particularly noticeable when they first go on.
    Tried to fit new speakers but managed to disable my stereo and reinstalled the same speakers (good ones it turns out installed when restored) in such a way that shows the screw tips that hold in the speakers pressing against the leather covered cards. Bummer. I will remove the seats again so I can get at them again one day but for now I borrow my sons blue tooth speaker.
    I polished the duco for the first time since I have owned her the other day but I injured my arm what with all the rubbing, but she looks beautiful. The paint now 17 years old looks as good as good as new.
    Anyway it may be that the engine has to come out for a new clutch and head gaskets but I will nurse her along for as long as I can.

    Here are a couple of photos of our last SMOG run.
    cheers Tony
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesse View Post
    2014 update.

    Well it is now over 2 years since I purchased my SM and 1 year since I last reported.

    The SM has been going very well and I have taken it on a number of extended runs including a trip to Canberra and a few great runs with the SM group. It has been a pleasure to drive and really only a couple of minor issues have raised their head.

    Last year Lee very kindly offered to show me the procedure to do a minor service, so drove down to his place at Mt Eliza and together we changed the oil and filter, fitted a new set of plugs, greased the suspension, and adjusted the dwell on the distributor. It was running nicely after though soon developed a flat spot when accelerating from cruising speed. A bit annoying when trying to maintain speed on the freeway. Anyway a trip soon after to my local Maserati specialist had that fixed with a carby balance.

    It was just after Christmas this year that I noticed a sort of rattle in the engine at low revs. It might have been there for a while but with the warmer weather I had the window down and could hear it quite clearly. I took it to the Maserati guy who thought it might be coming from the group of gizmos driven by the jack shaft and advised I disconnect that to see if the noise was was present. He also said the clutch was almost finished! - I had noticed it slipping a bit so was not surprised by that.
    I had been meaning to fit a new donut to the shaft anyway as the old one was deteriorating and it was an easy job to disconnect the shaft and replace the donut. But the noise was still present. I then had Bruno who used to service my Afla drop in and he said he thought it was the timing chains that needing tensioning. He also noted a clicking noise coming from the drive belt to the AC compressor and said that if they have some oil or grease on them that can cause that problem. Interesting. So I spoke to my mate Lee who said he would be happy to help me (god bless him) and advised I get a set of cam cover gaskets as the covers have to come off. So sent off an order for gaskets and a clutch kit (to be done another day) to SM world and a week later the parts arrived looking lovely in their nicely packed box - thanks Jerry, he is a good man.

    In the mean time when going to start the car the starter groaned a bit like I had a flatenning battery and then did nothing. Now normally I would think that as it doesn't get used like a regular car and every other old car I have owned has always had battery issues then it would be the battery. But but but, I had 6 months previously bought a trickle charger which on reading the instructions informed me that with continued use this device would make my battery like new. So I therefore assumed my battery was good and jumped to the conclusion my starter had packed it in. I was feeling pretty low about my lovely car, marooned in my carport hard up against the wall and down on her stops with no way to move her with innumerable expensive problems. Advice was sought and connections were checked, battery was tested (looked good on the jaycar multi meter) and starter motor removal procedures were checked out.

    Well Lee turned up and we poked around the battery and starter to no avail then moved onto the timing chains. Despite the close proximity of the car to the wall and the floor we managed to jack her up and shift her out a bit so we could complete that job to our satisfaction. We then had a look at the starter that made us realise that there was no way we were going to get it out without getting the car up a bit higher. Anyway after fiddling around a bit more we got the starter to turn half a revolution a couple of times. This was promising so Lee then fetched the battery from his Saab (lucky he didn't have the SM or we would have been there all day) and low and behold she cranked over and started. Yippee. Though after a few minutes a noise like a marble in a tin can started emanating from the hydraulic pump. We pondered this a bit and came to the onclusion that it was the pulley belts driving the AC pump and alternator. The next day I bought a new battery and after jump starting the car got it pumped up again soIi could get the front wheel off and fit the battery through the cover plate in the wheel arch. Bugger of a job but I persevered. Finally checked over everything and headed out on my suburban loop route for an after dark spin. The big grin on my face at the end told my wife that everything was good. Lee confirmed that the noise is more than likely to be the belts and I have noticed that the AC belt is both a bit loose and slightly out of alignment. So that's the next job and looks straight forward enough. Though you never know.

    So there you have it. Am I glad I bought an SM? you bet. Hopefully I can nurse the clutch for a while as it will be a job for a mechanic as it might be a bit beyond me. Though if anyone wishes to assist and help me then drop me a message as it is probably a 2 person job with a least one knowing what they are doing.

    Until next time
    cheers Tony
    I realise that this post is very old, but I still have a photo (also very old) of the DS parked under that tree.

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