My partner and i have decided to consolidate our fleet and we are going to purchase a new (or near new) car together and that means that my Lag 111 and her Astra convertable are for sale and my MX5 stays.thank god.

My Lag was built 2008, complied 2010 and is still under warranty until August 2013.Black, in excellent order and full service history,has had mats and towbar (never used) from new .


Averages 7.2 klm per lt overall and under 6 on the hwy.

I'm in Geelong and want $19000 for it.

These are a great car and we will probably replace it witha Lattitude,our experience has been so good.Lag 111's are slowly being recognised as a good car and the 6 speed gearbox is a great improvement.

Would not be for sale other than the need to have an "our car" rather than his and hers.

Peter, 0417562357