Reason for Selling

I work interstate for months at a time, my family needs a reliable car and the C5 has been reliable. 6 weeks ago the C5 developed a front suspension fault where the front struts were fully extended, the car was un-driveable. It appeared the ride height adjuster had slipped on the roll bar and this was communicated to the dealer. The local dealer would not bring the car in for rectification work until 5 weeks later. As it was NQLD nobody else would look at the car as it was a hyd suspension fault. After waiting 5 weeks without use of the car the local dealer had a look at the car, spent two hours trying to hook their computer to the car but had problems. Couldn’t diagnose the problem, charged my wife $300 ($150 an hour) for achieving nothing, told her ran they out of time and the car needed to be left for a week to diagnose the problem.

Facing an unknown repair bill, and potentially weeks without a car she went out and bought a new Golf. A fortnight later I flew home and fixed the C5 in an hour by tightening the loose clamp on the roll bar for the front ride height adjustor. So now I have two good cars and only need one.

The good

Comfort spheres fitted front and rear so it rides nicely. I intended to keep the C5 for several more years so the planned maintenance has been kept up, cambelt change 10,000km ago, near new front tyres etc. Has had the known Series 1 problems rectified (all 4 doorlocks changed at $550 ea (when they failed), detent in tranny changed etc). Has had AL4 tranny fluid changed every 80,000km. Fitted with factory towbar.

The bad

Minor faults in the form of car park dings, chrome has fallen off gear knob, has had kids in the rear seat and has typical seat stains etc Tranny has occasionally has a harsh shift (has since new) and the front hyd flex lines have a slow weep (has since new, used 1L in last 10 yrs).


After a quick sale hence the low price, pay advertised price you get a RWC.

Please ring Fiona on 0438 987383, Townsville NQLD