Up for sale is my silver, automatic, 406 Coupe from 2003.
Iím sure that I donít need to convince any of you of the beauty of these cars. I still often get comments on how stunning the car looks!

The car is an automatic with low mileage and has been well taken care for. Currently with 74,000 kmís on the clock.
It has been my baby for a couple of years now, but circumstances (actually having a real baby) is making me sell the coupe to settle for a stationwagon (what a dreadful word).

I have a full log book with service history. The timing belt has been changed recently (about 2,000 kmís ago). It didnít need to be changed from a kmís perspective, but it is recommended to be changed after 6 years (from memory).
That set me back about $2k, to have ease of mind.

The car is located in Sydney (south) and Iím looking for $14,990 (fixed price).

Feel free to call me on 0404 131 425 if you want to have a look at it.

Cheers, Rene