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    Due to changes in circumstances and the purchase of a 4wd, time has come to move on our blue 1995 Laguna. Car is the 2 litre 4 cylinder jobbie and not a V6 :-(

    The good, interior is all nice and cleans up well, almost no rust in it, engine runs well, steers well, brakes and tyres are good, new cat installed a couple of months back, heater works and demist fans are great.


    Other good things, has alloys and a nice towbar and rego until April.

    The average, paintwork presentable but bit tired bonnet and boot crazed.

    The bad, misc. electrical gremlins including an annoying problem that drains the battery (or it could be just a bad battery), AC not working and engine electric fan not working. Apart from the recent bad battery car has been great and reliable for a renault.

    Car is avaliable to either an enthusiastic problem solving type person or the first one to come and give us $500. If noone wants the beast I will cash the rego in and send it off to the wrecker but would be a shame as somone should be able to use it.

    Car is in Woodend and is drive away after a jump start.

    Contact Matt on m_waite@hotmail.com or (03) 5427 4490 or 0488095457
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