My daughter left for a 12 month stay in London in 2005 and asked me to keep her 1989 BX for her until she returned. When she did eventually return 5 years later she didn't really want the car anymore.

It was running well before she parked it, although the auto gearbox was playing up. It is still complete, except I ratted the front bumper for my other daughters car, and was in pretty good nick inside and out but has not been started or moved for about 5 years. It has done 208K K's.

I also have the wreck of yet another daughters car that was wacked in the front right by a Toyota twin cab.

If anyone wants to come up to near Bendigo and pick it up the complete car and rat off the wreck anything that they want and pay me something over and above scrap value please give me a call on 5439 6333/041 341 8525 or pm me or email