Complete car minus a few bits that I have pilfered for my other cars.

The car has a lot of kms (500,00 plus I think) but the 2.2L engine is super strong (but leaks oil) and the gearbox felt excellent when I drove it briefly. I bought it for the gearbox but am now selling my 505 GTi wagon for which it was intended. If the car doesn't sell as a complete thing for $200, I'll strip it and sell off what I can. I'd rather just get rid of it as is.

It doesn't drive as I've removed a few bits but it probably could be made to.

Missing are:
- front electric window mechanisms
- cooling fan clutch
- steering wheel but I have an old 405 on it which is dodgy but works (sort of)
- headlights

Everything else is still in it although I want to keep the exhaust if I could be bothered to get it out of the car.

It has a metal fuel tank (needs minor repair) - sought after for converting 504s to injected cars.

You will need to have it towed away. I can help arrange this.

Photos to come.

Call James on 0414 243 291 or PM me.