'88 505 GTI Manual Wagon For Sale - Canberra
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    Default '88 505 GTI Manual Wagon For Sale - Canberra

    I am getting a 4WD and the trusty Pug has to go. It is a sought after manual wagon and is my daily driver and a great 'workhorse' - my reason for buying it in the first place. The car comes with numerous spares.

    $1250 negotiable.

    Has 2.5 months ACT rego on it at the moment. It passed an ACT rego inspection in May this year after I transferred the registration from NSW after owning it for some time during which I did a heap of preparation work to it.

    Comes with a virtually complete service history. It has the original owner sales slip still I believe. There are some gaps in the service history over teh last few years but there is still a heap of receipts there.

    The body looks quite rough as the paint is badly faded on the front panels and the roof. It is straight though and cruises beautifully on the highway at 110.

    The interior is very good overall with the velour seats being tidy still and no cracks in the dash. The carpets are worn out in the driver's foot well and there is one small rip in the very back of the headlining just in front of the tailgate (could be held in place with minimal effort).

    4 very good tyres on Amil alloys - have all 505 centre caps.


    I have done at least the following in the last 12 months:
    - timing belt and oil seals
    - new windscreen
    - new rubber brake lines (3) plus new rear wheel cylinders
    - rebuilt clutch hydraulics
    - new steering rack boots
    - replaced dodgy tie rod end
    - excellent used radiator and radiator bottom hose
    - new thermostat

    I have driven it to/from Sydney a couple of times and recently took it to Melbourne on a trip one weekend in June. No problems. I use it regularly to carry stuff (e.g. 320kgs of cement bags the other day) as it has a huge boot space.

    It is far from perfect and is a work in progress.

    The gearbox is noisy in 1st and notchy in 3rd and 4th occassionally but it still drives fine and sits at speed in 5th very nicely. My price is negotiable but is reflective of the demand for these manual wagons despite the rough external condition.

    I have a heap of spares for 505s and will supply pretty much everything I have that suits the series 2 cars.

    Photos to come.

    I have a virtually complete spare 505 STI manual sedan which can be added to the GTI wagon if the purchaser is after a decent gearbox. You'd have to take the whole STI sedan for a couple of hundred and remove the gearbox (plus any other decent bits) though!

    Contact James on 0414 243 291 or via PM.
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