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    Default Fs: 1995 405 mi16

    Apologies, decided to keep the car.

    VERY well maintained Mi16 from peugeot fanatic family.
    My wife has had this car for around 8 years, maintaining it beautifully.

    Her family has had a relationship with p504 services (peugeot specialist) for multiple decades and countless cars. This car has been kept like all the others,fully original and if it needs fixing, it gets fixed. Full service history for the last 8 yrs, I believe there is a full history, I will check.

    Interior is in great nick, no tears or stains. The top of the rear seats have faded as have all the cloth interiored cars of the era. Very nice and everything works including sunroof and air-con. Cool and double cool!

    Exterior is nice with the exception of the roof. a few little rust bubbles that aren't moving fast (first noticed over 2 years ago) and the paint has since crazed. The rear bumper has a few repairs that show if you let the plastic fade. All easily repairable. Paint is pretty good over the rest of the car, in the best colour peugeot ever made, Sorrento green.

    Check out the pics on carsales...

    0403 320 651
    Best to call after 4pm on weekdays but I will get in touch with anyone that calls during work hrs.

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