505 Series II GTi Auto White with minor hail damage .
I bought this car to get the 4.6 diff and have now removed the 4.6 diff and fitted a 4.1 diff and prop shaft from a 505 STi to keep it mobile
So now I have a complete and running Series II 505 GTI sitting at Pearl Beach at the moment .
Itís a 4 speed auto with 15í alloys .The interiour is really good , the motor starts first time every time I have tried it , there is some hail damage .The auto is good ! The car drives really well . Has a nice neat steel sump guard.
Happy to sell you the whole car , if not and there is any interest I will remove and will sell 4 speed auto and the alloy wheels etc. and the rest will go to the crushers.
If you need anything you should hurry as I cant keep an unregistered car here for to long.
Andy 0414 223 817