504 Familiale 1980 FS
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    Default 504 Familiale 1980 FS

    1980 504 Familiale For Sale (sob sob!!!) I really don't want to sell it but SWMBO has just loaded both barrels.
    A little over 272K. 3rd owner. Registered: Vic 22.09.2011
    Body in unrestored condition. Some minor side door rust, tail gate minor rust and a bubble appearing at FR windscreen - not bad for a 31 yr old car. There are a couple of minor body creases on the lower RtR behind the wheel but nothing to need as a repair for a RWC (I didn't need to get it fixed when I bought it 5 yrs ago - and they're still there)
    Airconditioned - passenger side unit - but I have a centre console outlet which I intended to fit but haven't.
    It has had quite a few body operational parts fixed/replaced: front window runners replaced. all the front lights and indicators (replaced and repainted), all door locks now work, rear door gas struts OldasNew (citroen actually!), side mirrors replaced, front seats replaced Front and middle covered, new mats.
    Engine was reconditioned about 35,000kms ago by the previous (20 yr) owner.
    Comes with a very nice very low Km Wagon gearbox (86,000km?) yet to be fitted - synchro in 2nd and 3rd is a bit slow.
    Quite a few other parts to go with the car - brake caliper kit, spare front bumper and sets of lights and some other mechanical and trim parts.


    A couple of owner workshop manuals to go with the car (and a heap of PDF files if you want them)

    At present a few items have to be fixed: Horn/windscreen washer.

    No roadworthy as yet (sort of depends on where it goes)

    Drives nicely of course! I love this car .....but...........sigh!

    $5000 for the lot

    The car is in Melbourne.

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