Citroen BX waggon circa early 90s.
This car is sitting on a surburban street in Newcastle with a sign on it.For sale $1000.

Not registered but is a 'goer'. Needs a bit of tidying up but looks allmost free of rust and is pretty straight. About 290000kms. Its a 1.9 EFI model. I believe the water pump leaks and it has a hydraulic leak. I have seen it start and rise

I have no interest in the car but can point anyone who is, to the owners contact number if you phone me 0427 601 958

Looks like a reasonable car which will only dissolve into a heap of rust if it sits there for a while longer in this crap weather. We should save the good ones at least for the future. He also has a PUG down the back, a 505 I think.
Cheers Jaahn