I'm drowning in 205s at the moment - 7!
I probably don't need any GTis really as my rally project is being based on an Si shell.
So, I have a couple of GTis which would be great starting points for a motorsport project or two.

First, a private import from the UK 1986 1.9.
This has the early interior with the glovebox lid still there!
It has the 15 inch Speedlines (5) and the four wheel disc brakes that the proper 1.9s came out with.
It has Si seats in good condition, the originals were beyond it.
It has a very healthy leaded 1.9 engine, the rarely seen in this country XU9JA.
It is fitted with Bilstein yellows in the front and near new LIP gas at the rear.
It has power steering. Cambelt is well within time.
It also has a special gearbox built by Adrian Wuilleman, Mi 16 but with 205 GTi 3rd and 4th great for competition and you can drive to the event at moderate revs as the MI16 5th is left as was. This is fitted with a Quaife diff. Box is only for sale if I get my old box back, this is available to me if someone buys the car in the next week or two, otherwise I may have to sell with standard box.
Body is a bit rough around the edges, colour white and OK except for drivers door.
I paid $1800 for the car 6 months ago and really I would need to get $2000 given the work I have done on it, (shocks, PAS etc. etc).
It is a pretty unique model in this country.
If you want the special box with Quaife you would need to add $1400 to the above figure.


I also have a very straight 1987 series 1, this has Si seats but some work is needed in the dash area.
It also needs an exhaust.
Mechanically it has a good DFZ engine and BE1 box and has had the rear beam and front driveshafts and suspension replaced recently.
As I said very straight, all the side plastic trim, bumpers etc. fit perfectly. Colour red, and has original paint in quite good condition.
$700 ONO.

I can use these cars if no one wants them and I'm using the UK car for motorsport at the moment while I'm putting the new car together, but it would be a pity to see them just sitting there.