Renault Fuego GTX Turbo for sale - collectors item
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    Renault Fuego GTX Turbo for sale - collectors item

    I have a very unique Fuego for sale. It is an '85 White GTX that has been trubo charged. It has a very long service history being in a Renault enthusiast family for a very long time now. It is in VERY good condition both inside and out. It has been painted to match the original 1.6 l turbo model released in France / England and the USA. It has additional instrument gauges fitted - volts,amps,boost,oil pressure. It has also been fitted with a pnumatic boost control for easy adjustment as well as a well designed and installed water injection unit as it does not have an intercooler may be just the project for you. I have purchased a Renault Clio so it's time the Fuego went to a good home. Yes the turbo is in good condition, fully recon'd 3000 km's ago by a very reputable techician in Adelaide. It's definately worth a look if your after a real collectors item. No pictures yet as I wish to guage response. 200K just on the odometer



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    Very interested...
    What is the rest of the car like? I am a Renault enthusiast and would love to give your car a loving and caring home.

    I would love to turbo charge my car, but I don't really want to canabalise an original and tidy Fuego (they are starting to get a bit thin on the ground over here)

    P.M me with photos and other information at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a>

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    I take it its a 2.0 with a snail hanging off the side ?
    or is it the 1.6 ?

    forged rods, pistons ?
    Power output ?
    Stock suspension setup ?
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