I have a 1984 Renault 18 GTS coming up for sale in the UK toward the end of the year, but will part sooner if buyer is keen (you know what I mean!) 38000 miles currently, electric front windows, central locking, excellent condition. I'm an aussie working in the UK for now, but will be returning home soon. Thought I'd advertise the car now in case anyone wants it while it still has low miles. (I've already done 13000 miles in it in 6 months). If you want a good 18 then this is the one.
See pics in the Renault Forum, dated 05 Mar 2003 under 'anyone interested in a R18 immaculate'. PS Won't be shipping it to Aus btw.

I'd like to see it go to a Reno enthusiast like myself, this car is too good to go to someone who'll just treat it like an old banger.

I can be contacted on 07985 367 077 or by email if you are interested. Currently in Reading, Berks. Paul