Sorrento Green 205 Wanted
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    Sorrento Green 205 Wanted

    Hi guys,


    After narrowly missing out on an immaculate sorrento green 205 last week, I have came to the conclusion that I want nothing else but this color. Would anyone know the exact figures of how many sorrento green 205's were imported into Australia and also how many "classic" GTI were imported??

    Also, would anyone know of anyone who maybe selling one???

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    Ive learnt from this great forum there was only 30 Classic 205's, but as for S2/S3 green oes im not sure on figures, but ive seen several in sydney...
    cheers Xq
    ... ptui!

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    There used to be a beautiful blue one at Eastwood.
    Not a classic but series 3. The factory blue would be a rarer than the green again.
    The car was off Hillview Rd near the School & Oval, probably not for sale though frown

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