I'm selling my beloved Fuego to free up some room and cash for my current project which is the restoration of an R12.
The Fuego is an 83 Model that I've owned since 85, the body is in excellent condition and painted in 2 pack bright yellow. It has 14" after market wheels, 2 with brand new Yokohamas. The Air Conditioner compressor is 4 years old.
An after market air filter is fitted (have original and all polution gear).
Head was done at 125,000Km, has now done 260,000Km.
I have the receipts for all major work done since 1985.
Known faults:-
Engine leaks alot of oil from both front and back of the Engine.
The Exhaust manifold is cracked (have replacement).
Steering rack feels a bit suss.
Drivers seat is stuffed.
The interior could do with a retrim, but is in better condition than most Fuegos.
The air conditioner needs a regas and I suspect the condensor may be cracked.
She has 1 months rego left.
I am not going to give her away, but if someone with a good home was to make me a reasonable offer, I'd have no choice but to let her go!
If not I'll have to park her for a few years and rebuild her. Better! Stronger! Meaner! Fully sik mate!