CX2200 For Sale with loads of extras
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    CX2200 For Sale with loads of extras

    If you have enthusiasm,a garage and a love of things different.I have a hobby for you.
    1977 cx2200 pallas 4sp silver plus a spare special
    cx2200 with air plus spares.
    The pallas is reg till sept 03 and runs well but has rust on the pillars by windscreen.
    Somebody show some interest please around the $400
    mark neg of course.
    If I only had a garage!


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    Budding Architect ???? pugrambo's Avatar
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    by golly these CX's are getting cheaper
    now 2 cars for $400
    have you got some pics of these cars please
    i am really starting to like the idea of these frotty machines
    they intrigue me no end
    i have always been a little scared of cits but i am sure i could handle one as i have a pug as a daily driver
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    will send photos tommorrow.They are an intriguing car, well within the scope of an enthusiast.
    There is plenty of help out there too.

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    Hey Pugrambo,

    Go for it!! There's not much out there that drives like a CX. Drive it around the block and you'll hate it, drive it for a week and you'll be forever converted. Yes the steering is incredibly direct & always wishes to be at it's center position regardless of speed/outside influence. The brakes are incredibly potent, and it takes little effort to do crash stops until you get the hang of 'em (everything else feels like sh!+ once your used to 'proper' citroen brakes ).

    Don't buy a manual steered CX. Expect the inside to look like crap, the door trims buckle with the heat (a couple of self tapping screws will take car of them) and the steering wheel will need to be bound if it's not already.

    The motors... Bullet proof and go forever. The gearbox develops weak synchros with age but is otherwise unburstable. The best option would be to take the synchro's and gears to a machinist and have them build the gear up and machine the synchro to fix. Suspension --bullet proof, boody --very tough, rust doesn't hide (you'll see it wink ).

    If you really think your going to buy one do yourself a favour, take a jack with you and do the following:

    Jack each front wheel up in turn with the car at normal ride height. Check:

    --Try to lift the road wheel up 'n' down, any serious slack says tops ball joints are required.
    --Try to turn the wheel with someone standing on the brakes. Any slack found is lower suspension bushes
    --Try to turn the wheel against the steering (you won't be able to) any slack means the steering knuckle bushes are on there way out. This show as torque steer when they get really bad.

    Put the car on high and stand behind it, if the rear wheels are leaning in at the top, budget for new arm bearings. These are all very easy DIY jobs, but they will add up time & $$wise if everyone of them need attention. Upside is once done you can forget about them for the next couple of hundred thousand km's.

    Seriously Go for it!!! I'd offer to lend a hand, but your miles away from me ....

    Shane L.
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    Citroen Workshop
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    Yay ... No Slugomatics

    Modern Junk:
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    hey ! i just saw this .Do you still have them ? I am most interested . Im looking for a replacement for my cx2400 which has just carked it.can i have a look at some pictures as well please ? if there still available, ill come and get them tomorrow !

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