I've seen this poor Pug sitting on the street for a few weeks now, so I'd thought someone on here might be interested in it.

I don't know much about 306s so I don't know how fixable it is, but it's been hit hard enough from the rear to cause the panels above the rear wheel arches to crease. The rear is quite a mess and would most likely require a lot of work to fix up, if it is fixable. Despite this, the car looks as though it could be drivable since the rear wheels seem to be OK.

Other specs as I could see:
2 door, 5 spd manual, glass sunroof. I don't know the year but it's a later model with the newer front. "Style" badges on the front guards. Deep metallic blue colour. The radio is missing, but otherwise the interior looks excellent.

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera so I couldn't take any pics, so give the owner a call to see if he's got any, and to find out how much he wants.


0404-110-726 in Thomastown, Melbourne.