Wanted Cheap 2CV
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    Wanted Cheap 2CV

    Wanted cheap 2cv must be running for minor restoraton, Prefer a charlston, please contact me at [email protected]




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    Do you have a price in mind ? Most 2cv's , especially later ones, seem to be advertised around $10,000-$12,000, not my idea of a cheap car !

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    I know its in WA but call Ralph Hibble on 08 9459 1636, He has probably brought more 2CV's into the country than anyone & often has a pretty good idea of whats on the market. I believe a few have passed hands over here in the past couple of years for the $5-$8k mark. He also had a Mehari for sale at one stage & still has a H van I believe. Check out the WA club website for pics of his 2CV's. We have a 2CV Hoffman snail with an original 40,000miles on it which we picked up for $5500 because the dealer had no idea what it was worth & wanted rid of it! I think there were some cheapies in Just Car or Unique Cars last month, In Canberra I think. Good Luck anyway. Regards Justin cheers!
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    There was a jap import one on the Gold Coast a few months ago [in a jap wreckers]so i asked him what he wanted for it and he told me the big cock and bull story about being rare etc etc . He would take $10000 for it. I just laughed. [The car was in fair condition, very early one and needed a restoration but was still running]
    I now see it advertised in Just cars/ Unique autos
    for approx. $5000 [i think]
    Just Mitsi's wrecking at Labrador is the place if your interested. cheers jr

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