1993 GTI 40000KM's ?
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    1993 GTI 40000KM's ?

    Any thoughts on the 1993 205 GTI for sale with only 40000KM's on it.
    Seems like a great car but at $20000 I still think it's about 5K over priced.
    What do you guys think ?.


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    The 205gti is something out of the box that will never happen again - a cult classic and worth every cent imo. You could pay that much for a stodgy ol' Beemer disappro - I know which car I'd rather drive any day head_ban

    So forget price. It's all relative. Buy it. You won't regret it. approve

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    a cult classic :
    True that!I read somewhere that it was because of the 205 GTI insurance premiums started to grow, is this true?

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    I might be wrong, but I think this car was advertised a month or two back for $25000.

    John W

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    This may well be one of the last oppurtunities,
    to own a late model 205 gti with under 50,000km's.

    It is a collectable car for sure...

    You wouldn't buy it and drive it, you would buy a low 100,000km's car if you wanted something to drive.

    I think for the right person, 20k is very fair and reasonable...

    10 years ago if someone asked $20,000 for a low km FJ holden, you would have laughed..

    Now that they have become collectable, they start from $20k with under 50,000 km's

    There is nothing on the market, that rivals a good 205 gti, and in 10 years i reckon that 205 would be worth $30k, maybe more....

    I don't think 205's will depreciate below 3k, i think as they become more scarce, due to accidents, wrecker addmissions, and people holding onto them, they will soon start to INCREASE in value!!!! Even within 5 years...

    Nothing drives like a 205, and as parts become easier to get, (Due to thier popularity in the UK) and the 206's becomes second hand, Peugeot is bound to get a bigger following, which will make the 205 even more sought after.

    Who knows, we will just have sit back and see..

    "Anything else is a Compromise!"

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