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Thread: 205 be quick

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    205 be quick

    Peugeot 205 8/1992, head gasket blown, still drives, auto, air, steer, 156kms, unreg, $1250. DL-8404 view on <a href="http://www.stgeorgeautosalvage.com.au" target="_blank">www.stgeorgeautosalvage.com.au</a> CARLTON 02-9546 7266


    be a great little SI for someone to putt around town in
    3 x '78 604 SL

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    WTD long range fuel tank for 605

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    It's an SI i think,
    i rang them to see if it was a blown head gasket, or corrosion on the back of the block.

    They never rang back..

    I don't know how some people stay in Business,
    i was ready to buy it, but argh stuff 'em, they obviously didn't really want to sell it.
    "Anything else is a Compromise!"

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    Trolling through the NSW Trading Post, I put a keyword search on Peugeot & went $1 to $7900 looking for that Mi16 Peter T was talking about; there's a bit of interesting stuff there including a 66,000klms 405 with history books and a 405 wagon with air & heater U/S for $2500...a few 205s including Gtis & so on.
    Worth a sticky anyway.

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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