I've had this 1969 R10 for about 2.5 years now, rarely driven in that time, and while I'd like to keep it, my love of bicycles over cars will mean I'll never use it.

renault_ reconditioned brakes (new seals, etc)
renault_ 2 sets of rims/tyres - one set original 135/145s
renault_ a little rust: small hole in body under driver's side door, bottom of battery compartment rusted out but sort of fixed, a little surface rust.
renault_ leak in the brake system; master cylinder I'm pretty sure
renault_ newish clutch
renault_ 20cm rip along sewing in driver's seat
renault_ "guarantee card" shows original owner (Mrs O.B. Pym) followed service procedures religously at least until 100000km (1976), and for the 10 years prior to me owning it, my cousin had it and my dad looked after it well for her.


They're about all the issues/points with it. I can take photos of the car, rust, engine, etc. if anyone's interested.
It's been out of rego for 2 years, but shouldn't be hard to get through the pits. new brake fluid+bleeding 'd do it. (The aforementioned leak is slow, not affecting braking - good enough to drive home.. depending how far of course).


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