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Thread: PEUGEOT 405?

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    PEUGEOT 405?

    A friend's mother has just had her abominable Mazda 323 die and she is a poor widow (really who else would drive a 323). I have suggested a 405 and he, my friend, and she are not averse to the idea. She would prefer auto and I presume they all come with power steering (that is a must for her she is close to 80). So are there any out there? What is the difference between the models? Her son is paying for it and has a budget of $7k-$8k. Must be observable in Melbourne or thereabouts. Thanks for any help in advance, this old lady is a fabulous person and is the sort who would appreciate the feel of a French car with no technical comprehension of why they're so good. I can just hear her now "These cars are much nicer than those Japanese ones". Eneough said I am waxing lyrical.

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    All 405's had power steering standard.

    I have got a Series 1 405 S automatic, 1992 with 160'000kms. Just sent you an email.
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