A friend is selling her 504 sedan (late '75) which is a car that another friend and I restored about 5 years ago. Very nice example, white, original in every way. And cheap. $1500 ono.

And I am selling my 504 Wagon. Also 1975, but this one is not very original. I had the entire interior re-trimmed in grey carpet and blue cloth, including the door trims and hood lining - @ $2000 - and converted it to an 8-seater. I also replaced all of the door seal rubbers and both rear door gas struts. The body has had all rust cut out - in fact the sills were replaced completely - and the car re-sprayed in white two-pack. It has 14" mags, driving lamps, a massive interior cabin light (don't ya hate those pillar candles?), an aftermarket gear stick, and very dark tint on all side and rear glass. All in all it is a very nice car, albeit still requiring a few week-ends of tidying up to be a show car. I'll take any offer over $2500. (Yes, I know, I've done huge amounts of dough on this car, but I've had it for four years and I picked up a cheap 505 Wagon, which suits the wife better.)

Both cars are in Perth. Enquiries to John Lane, 0417 915 546.