404 sedan
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Thread: 404 sedan

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    404 sedan

    here is one that i have seen around the traps a few times
    if i look back through my photos and magazines i am sure i could remember the owner of the car but anyway here it is
    it was featured in Motor i think once along with a few other pugs


    Peugeot 404 6/1995, older restoration, engine, gearbox, suspension, paint, front seats, instruments, new battery, ALA-404, $5000, stored in NEWCASTLE 02-9130 5578

    the number plate my ring a bell in some peoples minds
    from memory the car was either dark blue or burgandy last time i saw it in a workshop in sydney
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    Is that the one that Peter Porta Pug did up? he seemed to be doing quite a thorough job on it, might have been about ten years ago

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    Has he ever done up the sunroof car he got from me?

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