i recieved this the other day so i thought i would post it in here
if people are intersted i could go and have a look at the cars as they are about 1.5 hours from here
or even ray might be able to check them out if he is going past on one of his many egg beater trips he does through the suburb of NSW
if these are the same cars i'm think i know as i used to live in wongarbon i think one of them is a TI but dont quote me on that
anyway either let me know on here or give me a call on 0427 756 851

how ya doin? i'm trying to sell my 504.
it's got a sports exhaust front to back, sports steering wheel, mags, PEUGEOT with logos on the windshield, Finland flag with "M GRONHOLM" on the rear left window, heaps of spares like, bonnet, boot(lid), carbie, 4 spare tyres(2 plain rims, 2 Mags), 2 rear doors(left and right), and others. She's got a new clutch as of 2 weeks ago, i keep her in the best condition i can. there are 2 more cars you can use for spares also if you can get them moved from a property in Wongarbon east of Dubbo. i'm Asking $900 for all of it. whaddya think. Please e-mail me back at [email protected]
cause i won't be back here.