bargain? 405MI16 in Sydney
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    bargain? 405MI16 in Sydney

    location. Hoxton Park road Casula (near Liverpool)

    classed under the category of "renovators delight" this July 1990 405 is finished in red colour with grey material interior. The paint is in good condition but a small rear left panel damage may need to be looked at. The interior is a where most gains in value could be made as it is "livable" condition (not torn from what I could see from the 9pm inspection with limited light available).
    Speedo is reading 222,500 kms and the car started on the 1st turn of the ignition although the Check Engine" light didnt go out until i revved it.

    The car "seemed" complete.

    Asking price $4000
    The owners number is :0400 210 374 ask for Michael

    (I do not know this person and have no vested interest in the sale). Good luck to whomever buys it.

    1300cc's of jap buzzbox delivered the times below.

    EC 1:54.6 , Wakefield 1:13.15 , OP (short) 52.00 , OP GP 1:24.40

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    That is a bargain.

    Its too soon for me to buy. I'm not ready yet.

    Brenno, this one's for you. And it could tow the kart trailer as well. head_ban


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    Would be perfect for someone wanting to bang everything in their 205.... Mi16s are getting terribly cheap now.

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