505 GTi Series 2 for sale
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    505 GTi Series 2 for sale

    I am reluctantly selling my 505 GTI S2. Monza red colur, Auto. It has done 225,000km , Tyres are due to be replaced,Some carpark dings otherwise straight.Interior very good Recently replaced injectors, front shockers tyre rod joints. Has slight oil leak non diagnosed but I think coming from cam belt cover. Cam belt replaced at 160,000.A/C not working - never has since I have had the car but not really needed down here except for odd day. TAS Rego till August 03. Open to offers around $5k. Can send photos next week if anyone interested. <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a>


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    Good luck selling it ! I know there has been a silver series 2 GTI for sale in Hobart for around 6 months and he is having NO luck selling it...

    And the car we have now was also on the market for a long long time !

    Good luck is all I can say!


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    I know 505 series 2 cars take bloody ages to sell
    you know why?
    I do, most people are stupid, their mentality is
    "why would i pay $5k when i can buy a series 1 for $3500, the differences is the tail light and grill.."
    what a Myth, as we all know the series 2 pugs
    drive totally different mallet
    They are a much more refined car.
    People also have trouble selling series 2 405's
    and series 2 205GTI'S, SAME MENTALLITY
    peugeot always refined their series 2 models really well
    oh well thier the ones missing out.
    hang in there i'm sure an enthusiast will buy it..
    "Anything else is a Compromise!"

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