WANTED! - Reliable good value european motor-vehicle
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    Default WANTED! - Reliable good value european motor-vehicle

    WANTED - RENAULT FUEGO, CITROEN BX or PEUGEOT 2/3-05/06, SAAB??? (dare I).

    After a good value reliable european car...(preferably sweet French flavour)

    Good condition; Relatively low kms for age; Medium to long registration; If short to medium term registration - currently able to pass registration inspection; Economical/ Good Engine etc. Mechanically sound. Fair/Realistic price paid...
    Will travel to inspect / collect...
    I reside in the Hunter Valley N.S.W. I am travelling to Sydney on Monday to view vehicles. If you have such a vehicle or similar matching the above requirements for sale please contact. Under $10K


    Yes, I am interested. The Renault Fuego is my first preference. I have two white fuegos as spares. Both suffering front end damage. A case of colliding with kangaroo's. Stuffed radiators, lights, front bumpers, broken engine mounts etc. Fuego's = Skippy magnets. I'd love another regardless.
    Colour? I haven't seen a Red fuego in good order. Rough resprays a plenty. Paint fade etc. I am not fussy when it comes to colour as long as it is not pink or black. I have seen one of each of these. Yuck or Too Hot. Especially with european air conditioning. As long as my requirements mentioned in my posting are met.
    Thanks for the reply. Number 2. Best Wishes, Freddy_frog.

    Thanks for the reply. Number 3. Nice car...
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