Well, it's official, the wife won't drive the 505 diesel I bought her. She said it's too much of an old person's car and is too big to park. I'm pretty peaved as I love the idea it only cost $2000 and it gets about 900k's to the tank! Oh well, back to the drawing board. I just want her to get a french car as the Honda Concerto she is driving is getting pretty poor economy (half the 505's) and needs to go.

I am looking for either a 205 si or GTI or a BX19 or 16V. Thinking about the GTI as it would be fun to own one just once and I don't think they're going to depreciate, so by the time we have kids, we can sell it for what we bought it for. Hoping to stay under the $5000 mark. Must be a manual and be in good nick, but a RWC is not required as I am in Tassie and will have to get it reinspected anyway.


If anyone has such a car they are thinking of geting rid of in the SE of Oz, give me a yell. Thanks!