1962 Historic Rally Peugeot 403.
This car was built in 1991 from a one owner car and driven by George Fury in the 1992 Variety Club Bash.
It was then sold to Rowland Tidd who competed (with me driving) in the 1995 Mobil 1 Round Australia. It finished this, would have been 4th in the Challenge Division (for the earlier cars) if not for smashing the sump on a hidden boulder near Katherine (NT).
It has done various other events such as 1998 BP Rally Rerun and 1994 Snowy River Trial.
In 2003 it took part in the Redex Rerun with Rowland and finished without problems.
Brian Canny of Ballarat has owned it since then and has used it in the 2004 BP Rally Rerun and the recent Begonia Rally in Ballarat.
Brian has now got the dirt rallying bug and has upgraded to a 404 for a little more speed.
He would like to sell the 403, usual problem of too many cars!
The car is CAMS logbooked with alloy cage, has 505 seats, big bore Konis all round, floor shift on 1967 C3 404 gearbox, full rally equipment, 14 inch wheels. The body is very sound with no rust. Rare Oxenford head (from 1956 Ampol Trial winner Wilf Murrell) on otherwise standard engine in good condition. This was fully rebuilt before the Mobil 1.
The car looked and sounded great on the Begonia.
He is looking for a bit over $3000, contact me if you are interested.