Expression of Interest - 405 mi16
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    Default Expression of Interest - 405 mi16

    Hi All.

    As most of you know, I have this great Mi16. As most of you also know, it has it's fair share of issues. I drive very spiritedly, so I expect things to wear and break.

    Saying that... I have been thinking that I need something less hardcore and more family (point A to point B), and I don't want a Falcondore.

    So sadly, I am thinking of getting rid of the 405 and getting into something like a Xantia.


    So, this thread was posted, to see what sort of price I should expect to sell the car. This is not a For Sale thread... unless someone offers me something I like :p

    Here are the details.

    90' 405 Mi16 Series 1.5
    Rego till Aug 06'
    Tyres 80% worn
    New front discs & pads
    Complete new drive shafts, inner and outter CV's
    New timing belt (just done by Paul at Gladesville Prestige)
    New tensioners (just done by Paul at Gladesville Prestige)
    New water pump (just done by Paul at Gladesville Prestige)
    New coolant hoses (just done by Paul at Gladesville Prestige)

    Interior is clean. I have original Peugeot rubber mats. Only thing that doesn't work is the fuel gauge. I have logbooks, receipts since I've owned the car, Original cassette tape that came with it. Magazine that the dealer gave the new owner. Both original keys.

    Drivers side, side skirt was smashed by previous owner that backed the car over an ornamental rock in her front yard. I never bothered getting it fixed, as most smash repairs don't want to touch it, and I have yet to find a good example of a replacement side skirt.

    Serviced regularly by me (old motorcycle mechanic from way back).

    I've followed the workshop manual in that respect. And most other areas that have needed attention have been looked at and fixed by me.

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    1990 405 Mi16

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