F/S '84 Fuego GTX
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    Default F/S '84 Fuego GTX

    Hi Fellow Froggies,
    My much loved Fuego is available for sale.
    Red, 217,000 Km, tidy appearance, no rust, runs well, very reliable. Near RWC. No Reg. or RWC (unless by arrangement).
    I would like to clear the car this week - I need the space - so am open to keen offers/negotiation/swap???, etc.
    A very good example for some lucky new owner!

    Regards, Robert.

    Melb. (0415) 185-594 Email - [email protected]


    (A Haynes manual and some spares come with it.)

    Tues. evening 8:15 - Sorry, I deleted an emailed query by mistake: - from a Froggie who owned one in the UK. Please re-send it and I will email the photos as requested. Robert.
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