I have a 1980 Peugeot for sale in Geelong. Its interior is in great condition but the motor is needing some TLC. The car is overheating, and I think there is a problem with the head gasket. There is also a problem with the fuel supply/timing as sometimes the car backfires.
The automatic transmission was fully reco'd about 2 years ago, and since then it has been running around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula brilliantly.
I love this car, especially the AWESOME suspension (!!!!) but as I have a new baby, I'm not comfortable spending anymore money on it, and I dont think its reliable enough to put a baby seat in.
All I want to do is take out the CD player, and the car is yours. There is a boot full of Peugeot spares - a dashboard, mirrors, seals, I think a bumper??
I'm asking for the best offer - would be happy with $150-$200 as thats what the wreckers in Melbourne are prepared to offer me if I can get it there.


Contact me on 0439 384255 or email at [email protected]

You will be responsible for picking up the car from Geelong - it is unregistered as of yesterday. Please contact me today as I will have at the wreckers by tomorrow (Saturday) if I dont get a response.