I've had to come to a very difficult decision of late and have decided to sell my RCS.

It's in mint condition (pls PM or email me if you require any pics - will post up some soon if I can fumble my way around it).

* Km's - 52,000
* Brand new genuine Renault front discs and pads (also have brand new rear pads that weren't installed)
* Zetti Performance exhaust from the catback
* Pod filter
* Logbooks
* Always been serviced since I've had it with Nissan
* Has Fusion splits in front and JBL speakers in the back, all wired up to the standard head unit - so looks standard, but little does anyone know what crisp sound comes from a 'standard unit'.
* Extended warranty until 30 Jan 07.


Asking price: $20,000.00

I do have a set of LENSO wheels that really set the car off, but they come with additional $$$.

Any other questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me.