Expressions of interest:

It is with more than a little regret that due to changes in my situation (large mortage combined with a fully maintained company car) the Renault has become an indulgent second car. This, along with my good wife, has forced me to consider selling the Renault. The basics are as follows:

2001 RenaultSport Clio (purchased march 2002)
Monaco Blue
Tinted windows
First Service at 1000 kms (after run in period) and every 10k since as scheduled
73k on the clock (at the moment)
Standard / Original car, lovingly maintained
Full history and receipts available
The car is in Melbourne and will be made available for inspection to serious potential buyers.

I have inconsistent internet access at the moment all discussion forums (inc aussie frogs!) have been blocked by company firewall at work, so questions and comments are best sent to [email protected]