Greetings people,
Ok here is the deal, I've got 2 505s for sale one of them is written and the other is in good working order. Am selling for two reasons: 1, the written off one is wasting away in the driveway and 2, wanting to upgrade.
1- 1985 Series one GTI, written off. Mechanically A1 done about 335000ks engine bay took a far amont of force but am pretty sure that if put into another 505 would do very well. The GTI has EFI which i think improved its performance. Most of the panels on the car are in good condition except for the bonnet and the front left.
2- 1983 STI rough body but very reliable, had it off the road for a year and still started without any problems. Had a lot of work done on it just before taking it off the road. It has GTI 15inch factory mags that look fantastic on the 505. The interior is very good because it is the interior from the GTI, this is why the cars are being sold together. There are a lot of parts from the GTI now on the STI.
Both cars have a sunroof. Would be a good project for someone but i don't have the time. Am asking $2600 for the pair, but that is negotiable.

Any enquiries, just send me a message at [email protected]
OR call Richard or Scott on 08 8244 0653