Hey guys, just seeing if anyone is interested in a Fuego. It's not in great condition, and the price the mechanic quoted us to keep it alive in the long term was too high for us. However, in the short term, it is still going and we need to get rid of it. Here are some details about the car. We don't need a fortune for it. Make an offer! It's in the Ballarat-Melbourne area, and we'll bring it to you if you're close.

It's a Red '86 Renault Fuego.
The K's are roughly 190,000-200,000.
It's registered until December 2005.
All four tyres/wheels are originals, with two spares.
The interior has few or no cracks.
The seats have been swapped to other Fuego seats that were in better condition.
The hatch still has the original carpet and roller door cover.
The gearbox and clutch were brand new two years ago, and has had little driving since then.
Had a poor quality respray before our ownership and has a little rust.
Small scrap on the chassis front right corner.
Stereo and speakers are fine.
Steering is fine.
Electrics are fine.

Problems identified by the mechanic were
- The master cylinder is on the way out and needs replacing.
- The front and rear mufflers are rusted.
- The engine is running rich (Mechanic didn't pull apart engine to find cause).

Make and offer if you're in the area and you'll be suprised.