1988 205 GTi F/S
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    Default 1988 205 GTi F/S

    I'm just about to buy a new vehicle (as in next few days - will tell you what it is if (hopefully when) I buy it) so I'd like to get rid of the pug asap. I just don't use it for what its made for anymore, and its criminal for me to keep it.

    PM me if you want to know anything.

    1988 205 GTi
    - Gunmetal grey
    - 214k odd kms
    - Had some engine work done (head, cam, p&p, mandrel bent exhaust, et. al.) whilst enjoying a complete rebuild (receipts) at 200,000kms done by previous owner. (Car was owned by a friends son, friend owns Exclusive Cars in Tassie, where the rebuild was done, they mainly do Benz, Jag, Saab, etc. with some very capable guys working there.)
    - Just spend $2k on bottom heater hose, new lower control arm, new rear tyres, new brake pads, some electrical work, a few other niggling issues.
    - Sony sound system (previous owner - a cd player, some split speakers in the doors (crafty little pods to hold them)
    - Tinted windows, momo steering wheel and gearknob

    Good stuff
    - Up until the last year, its been a Tassie car - no real city driving.
    - Had all the work done
    - Aside from the work I had done recently, it has been unbelievably reliable A-B transport.
    - Quick. It feels very quick compared to other 205s I've driven. Unbelievable throttle response, very throaty, sounds like a banshee with a few revs.
    - Is in good condition externally, looks great.

    Bad stuff
    - Has developed a knocking noise (nothing too major, isn't getting any worse) in the front right hand side, getting it looked at this week, will either fix or let buyer know.
    - No AC. Stopped last bloody week! Still fires up the compressor and all that, am guessing its just gas, but its winter anyway...
    - Small cigarette burn from prev. owner on the drivers side door plastic, down the bottom.
    - 3 inch, shallow scratch on below the driver's side rear window

    The Price: $5750 neg.

    I tried to sell this a while ago, had an offer of $6.9k within a week (asking price $7.5k), and turned it down, because the car I was buying fell through. I want to sell it.... Its been a bloody good little car, but I need something a little more sedate (working as a property valuer, too much time in the car!) and normal to do the rounds in.

    Pics en route


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