Renault 16TS 1970-71 4sale Canberra
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    Default Renault 16TS 1970-71 4sale Canberra

    To whom it concerns ,

    I appologise prefusely for not getting the year right on my old renault as It was posted as a 1968 model on 17TH OF MAY.

    I finally found the original delivery papers which say it was delivered early in 71...again appologies to those that responded via email. I am selling this burgandy coloured renault for $300 to recover costs of clucth and master brake cyclinder that are relatively new. There are plenty of spares as I have had 3 other 16's that I have had taken away in the past. 3-4 boxs of bits and pieces + a spare windscreen.

    Photos on request


    Cheers Richard
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