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    I have a 1991 XM for sale.

    The car has been regularly serviced but now has a blown head gasket and so I am looking to upgrade to a newer citroen.

    It has had plenty of work done on it over the years.


    I am keen to sell to someone interested in repairing the car.

    All reasonable offers considered.

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    Hi Mickus,

    can you please post the rego number or VIN number of the XM (This is required for any car advert by law).

    Back to the car. If you forward me some pictures of the car I'd be happy to post them against the add for you. Also some details might help. There was only two types really sold here, 2litre 5spd manuals, and 3litre V6 autos. Which is yours.

    hope this helps,
    Shane L.
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