I have a 505 for sale or wrecking in fairly good condition for its age - it was a daily driver until recently so the mechanicals are all in good condition. There are the usual dings here and there and a smack in the rear (hence the price). The car's paint and interior are both ok.

The engine is the carby fed 2litre (carb recently rebuilt) that blows no smoke and the 5speed is in good condition also. It has a new electric fuel pump.

It would be a great car to register again or a good first car. I'm open to offers (it's going cheap) and would love to see it go to an enthusiast - even if the gearbox and engine are cannibalised. I already have too many cars if you're wondering... hence I can be contacted on my email address at [email protected] or you can pm me. I'm in Brisbane btw.