I have to sell my beloved 1960 403 urgently to pay for repairs to wife's 405.
Should be the other way around.

This extensively modified '03 needs a little work for roadworthy but is regd. and driveable as far as you like if a front damper bush is fixed. New bush(s) supplied.

Negligible rust, one small hole in driver's side front pillar (usual spot) and a little starting under bottom of rear window rubber.
Brand new rear window rubber supplied. (not fitted).
Very little in usual spot in boot side panels (roadworthy ok), NO OTHER RUST! to worry about.

Main special features:
Water injection.
Short-shift floor gear change. a pleasure to use.
Bucket lay-back seats.
Late 404 wheel centers in wide rims (205/65) and 403 hub caps.
modified twin heater ventilation system. (under-dash sofica 2 speed fan).
Excellent sound system with swivel/stalk mounted speakers and consul cassette storage.
1964 steering wheel in fine condition.
The most reliable water pump (cast iron impeller)
And many other nice touches, this car incorporates all the special parts and ideas I've collected in 30 years of running 403s. Many spare parts are new, such as new clutch plate, std rings, first o/size main bearings, wheel bearings etc.
Good straight body, no bog, original paint, matching numbers.
Engine is in it's prime after complete rebuild, overdrive diff is silent (includes a few different drums of diff oil), g/box good, brakes good with sleeved cylinders, good radiator core, stainless exhaust system but rear g/box mount needs replacing and some front suspension/steering work and a paint job needed.

Also to go is a complete setup to convert any 403 to semi automatic Jaeger clutch including 2 wiring looms to suit, several spare packets of iron powder and complete documentation.
As well as some 403 wagon parts, mainly brake bits plus among other things, a pair of stainless steel rear air deflectors (to keep dust off widow).

Many other spares to go including good heads, good brake drums etc.

$1200 ONO, negotiable with or without sound system, parts, whatever, gotta sell.
$700 for the car itself. Bargain of the week!

PM me for further details including one or two innovative modifications I haven't mentioned here. (See photo - under the raised front bumper)..