Having originally set out to purchase a 406 HDi, I have drifted back down to Earth and am now looking at a more achievable goal.


So, looking for a Peugeot 505 sedan.

It must be diesel (environmentalist).

Definitely prefer a 5 speed manual.

Engine preferably in good nick, but if it needs a rebuild I will still consider it.

It must be fully drivable but if it needs new suspension, brakes etc in the near future (providing it doesn't need thousands spent on it immediately) I'll consider it.

I am prepared to spend some $$$ tidying it up (paintwork, interior if necessary) but I don't want to buy something that is unroadworthy - been there, done that. It can't be in need of a complete restoration - I don't have the money, space, time, tools or skills to do that.

I'm in Adelaide.