I am looking at buying an imported 1.9 GTI and so may have the ex Darren (MYT 205) engine for sale. This was the subject of much discussion a year or so ago. This is the ultimate 8 valve (forged pistons nitided crank etc) and was putting out close to 130 at the wheels which is close to the flywheel figure of a Euro Spec 1.9.
The standard 1.9 will be adequate for use on gravel but if anyone wants to do bitumen sprints etc this could be just the thing!
I would want $2500 which is what I payed and a bargain if you know how it costs to build such a motor, you wouldn't even rebuild a standard motor for this much.
Let me know ASAP if you are interested as I need to make a decision regarding whether I buy the GTI or continue with the plan of modifying the Si (see other ad)